Monday, August 06, 2007

Old Friends

Last Christmas, my wife and myself had to do the unthinkable, we had to store our books in boxes till we fix the area we decided was going to be our library. Being an interior designer does not help the situation, I find it easy to design other people’s homes but when it comes to my own place I end up procrastinating, my wife ends up frustrated, (and here I owe her a big apology) until finally we decide to do something about it (again thanks to my wife). Last Saturday we bought two shelving units, brought them home, carried 4 large (and really heavy) boxes 2 storeys, spent 3 hours assembling them and then after being literally exhausted starting bringing out our books.

It’s like meeting old friends. Every time I walk past my books, I discover a book or two that I know I missed; and the conversation goes…. ‘Ah there you are, how does it feel to be out again…..I’m sorry I promise I will not do it again…..missed you too…’ all this while my wife stands staring at our beloved books and admiring them.