Friday, September 30, 2011

Gallery Pi @ Notte Bianca

Gallery Pi will be open throughout this year’s Notte Bianca. Join us for a chat and a glass of wine, and see some new art work which we have just received.
Getting there is easy. After crossing St. George’s Square (President’s palace) take a left turn downwards into Archbishop Street. Keep going until you cross Old Bakery Street and a little further down is Gallery Pi on the left.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Notte Bianca At Vee Gee Bee Art Valletta

On Monday I had the honour to start off a very interesting initiative. Organised by the people over at Vee Gee Bee, artists  (or whoever wishes to become one for the night) are invited to paint on one large painting, The painting has been assembled at Vee Gee Bee Art in Bellavista Street San Gwann and will be there for the week. Made up of 18 different canvases grouped together to make up one large piece, the painting will be moved to Valletta on Saturday 1st October and the public is invited in the creation of this mega painting between 7pm and midnight.

A separate canvas has been made for children under the age of 12. All are free to join in. Final Piece will be auctioned and all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Monday, September 26, 2011


David Paquette and Rupert Cefai - photo Jennifer Scicluna
So Spirtupront is over, 3 enjoyable and unforgettable nights with friend and musician David Paquette.  It was one intensive learning experience.

I have known David for the last couple of years and we had been discussing this event for quite a number of months now. It was his idea really and I immediately latched on to it. While I'm painting I always have music on, but having a brilliant musician playing live in front of you is a completely different experience. Having people walking around you while working adds on to the magic of it all. 

During the first session, on Thursday, it was very easy to follow the music, play with moods and be inspired by what is happening. But as time went by, from mid 2nd day onwards, the paintings started to get a life of their own and then they took over. The music became a reminder of the things I already started. Thinking about it I realised that this always happens with my paintings. At a certain stage in their development they get a life of their own and I can only follow their own path. Its like with children, you can encourage them to take a certain direction, but ultimately they will decide what to become. 
David Paquette and Rupert Cefai - photo of Jennifer Scicluna

I have started 4 paintings during these days, 3 of which are quite at an advanced stage. I shall be finishing them off in these couple of days and take them back to the Phoenicia and exhibit them there. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Malta Independent 17.09.2011

Malta Independent Interview by Marie Benoit
Full Interview found at

Times of Malta 16.09.2011

Times of Malta 16.09.2011

Malta Med. Milongas: Sept-Oct 2011

For all those Tango lovers out there. If you are looking for a spot of culture, Med-food and a tango embrace, ISLA DEL TANGO is organising the event for you. From 29 September to 2 October 2011 the Maltese Tango Community has come together to present to you a beautiful tango weekend.

There are four Milongas in four nights, quite a marathon for Maltese standards.

Thursday 29th of September - IL-FORN, Birgu
Friday 30th of September - Pebbles Bar Radisson, Għajn Tuffieħa Beach
Saturday 1st of October Notte Bianca, Valletta
On Sunday 2nd of October Private Milonga

For more information contact ISLA DEL TANGO on or visit

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art & Wine @ South Street

This is one of those art events that I try not to miss. Cannot believe that this is the third season that the guys over at the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta are organising this event. For those of you who do not know what the event is all about, can have a look HERE. Quoting from their Facebook events page 

Art & Wine @ South street sessions are back! It might be the best thing you’ve been waiting for to happen at South street this end of summer. If that is spot on, Season III now continues with its intended focus on the five senses. 
Fresh from TKECNIR, recently showing at Auberge d’Italie, it will be Glen Calleja and his chosen topic GOST to animate the session in good company of Albert Gatt. Curious about what’s up? You cannot be so sure about what happens at Art& Wine @ South street sessions unless you’re there… 
Curious to see what's it all about!.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Malta Design Week

When it come to culture and art in general, one of the biggest drawbacks of living on this rock is the lack of local organisations that can put and organise large scale events of an international level. Yes, we do have the occasional concert and the Malta Arts Festival but we still lack behind to mainland Europe.  It could be the lack of funds and resources, it could be the lack of creativity or god knows what but there is still much more that can be done to promote contemporary art in Malta.

One step in the right direction, is the Malta Design Week, a 7-day event that will take place in the first week of October. The event is spread across a number of venues, and the list of activities range from exhibitions, talks, workshops to launches. It aims to to bring together local and foreign designers, architects, artists, artisans, journalists, critics, academics and entrepreneurs. The list of events is impressive (have a look HERE) but more so are the aims of the event, quoting from their site

3. Develop a healthy Euro-Med exchange of ideas at Universities, schools and formative entities with other countries in the Mediterranean region, in order to determine and develop study methods and teaching resources about the role of design in contemporary culture.

What the team behind MDM has managed to bring together shows that these kind of events can be done locally and there is room for them. I truly hope that this event turns out to be a huge success; to the MDM team, GOODLUCK!

For more info please visit

Friday, September 02, 2011

David Paquette

David Paquette will be performing live at the Palm Court Lounge, Hotel Phoenicia, Floriana, on Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 2011, from 8pm to 10:30pm. The performance, titled Spirtupront is part of a collaborative event with Rupert Cefai, for more information please visit

more info on David can be found here

Thursday, September 01, 2011

spirtupront - translating jazz into colour

Art is a lonely place. As an artist you spend most of your time on your own tucked up in your own studio, working on your own and meeting few people. I'm not complaining but this is the nature of my work.

So whenever an opportunity comes along, I'm always keen to work on some collaborative project with other artists. In this respect this happens to be quite a busy period. At the moment I am working on a couple of big collaborative projects that should be on next year and also preparing for an interesting project with jazz musician/singer David Paquette.

Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September2011, from 8pm to 10:30pm David and myself will be performing live at the Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana Malta;  David on his piano and I will be interpreting David's jazz using paint and canvas. 3 consecutive nights of impromptu music and painting. The paintings produced during the sessions will remain on display at the Phoenicia Hotel for the following week. Hope to see you there.

this event is free

to keep updated on this event please visit the facebook event page