Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Thanks to a friend of mine, yesterday I learnt the meaning of a new word, Apostasy! I have also learnt that if you are an apostate, a schismatic or a heretic you usually need a Bishop to forgive your sins. But between Friday 30th March 2007 and Sunday 8th April 2007, a normal priest will do. Those of you who converted to a different religion and want to go back to Catholicism or lately tried to split the church, during the holy week your parish priest is enough to be absolved. If you do not believe me, have a look at . What’s interesting about this is that the Kurja also mentions those who have committed an abortion. And this makes me think.

I can understand that if such a statement was issued only in regards to abortion the Maltese church might sound too progressive. But since the new archbishop has taken office the church is sounding a little more compassionate and caring and a little less judgmental.

To stay on the same topic, below is a painting of tal-Mirakli church I finished lately. This church has a special meaning to me. It reminds me of a dear friend of mine who passed away some 15 years ago.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Maltese Politics

Inspired by j'accuse, this digitally manipulated multiple version of Red Mosta represents Maltese politics. A version for all occasions. Whoever knocks at your door, being the Kappillan, or any politician, just hang the one with the appropriate colours and all is well. To make Jacques happy, i put the greeen version first.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Red Mosta

This weekend i finished this painting, a view of Mosta from Naxxar. Monday i spent the whole day trying to figure out what to name it. Luckily, i decided to hear what the prime minister had to say on Sunday during the press conference regarding the local elections. He did not say much really, apart from the fact that he was more interested in the debate about SmartCity than losing the mosta council, and i found myself thinking, 'Mosta turned red and the prime minister is not concerned.' And there it was - Red Mosta.
I rarely feel obliged to any politician, but this time i owe one to Gonzi.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I rarely have time to spend a few days painting without doing much else, but when I do the world stops. I am able to shut myself completely from the world and concentrate completely on the process, without knowledge of what’s happening around me. No news, no papers, nothing.

When I come back to the real world, I usually feel stunned. After a few days living in ecstasy, the come back is usually a shock. I am shocked how it is possible to feel such passion for something so frivolous. I am shocked how irrelevant art is to the world around me and how useless painting really is. You see, if the garbage collector doesn’t come for a couple of days, there will be chaos in our street. But if I don’t paint, no one will notice. In fact, sometimes I spend days without painting, the excuse being that the muse left me. What excuse could the garbage collector ever give for not collecting my garbage for a whole week?

How strange society is. The most important jobs to society, such as taking care of others, feeding others, cleaning after others are usually the worst paid. I know I am generalising, but isn’t it stupid that paintings and art pieces are sold for millions while people still die of hunger? And to add insult to injury, we are living in a society where paintings are only important for what they are worth in monetary terms rather than their artistic value. How do they come up with such prices? Personally, pricing a painting is the second worst thing to do after naming it. How could you price your own children?
...and here is my latest

Birgu Watrefront