Thursday, October 15, 2009

Milonga Otonal

On October 24th, a number of my works will be on display during the event Milonga Otonal at Villa Madama, Attard (see advert). The works are a small collection of studies and sketches I am currently working on, having a common theme, Tango. These are all preparatory works for the upcoming collective exhibition which I am helping to organise together with tango teacher Nathalie Mifsud, titled Tektika Tango which shall be on sometime during May 2010.

Milonga Otonal will be the closing event of the Tango Otonal Workshop with the renowned Maestro Eric Jeurissen from El Corte, organised by Isla Del Tango. The event will start at 9pm and is free to the general public. For further information please send an email to