Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

So this is it, 2007 is nearly over. Another year has gone by. Although i am quite conscious that today is just another day and that nothing really changes from today to tomorrow (except the use of the euro), the fact that someone, years ago, has decided that tomorrow we start a new year gives you a reason to start afresh. Looking back at these last 12 months makes me realize that it was quite a hectic year and (un)fortunately i know that 2008 will be even worse.

For those of you who bother to read this blog, I wish you a Happy New Year, may 2008 be better than 2007.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Exhibition at Vee Gee Bee

Since my exhibition in Rome, scheduled for October 2008, is still a few months away and panic has not set in yet, i have decided to hold another exhibition here in Malta. On Saturday 12th April 2008, a collection of works in Ink will be displayed at the Vee Gee Bee Art Gallery in Valletta. I have never exhibited my works in Ink. I love the medium, it does not forgive mistakes, its even worse than watercolour. I am still working on the collection to be exhibited, this means that artistically this will be a very busy year.

Also at the moment, the painting Roots of A Village, on display at Vee Gee Bee has been replaced by 'It Might be There', shown here in the image on the right.

Featured Artist on

Recently, i have been notified that my artwork was selected for the upcoming rotation of Featured Artists on the home page of Artist Rising. The rotation changes weekly and my feature will be on the front page of during the first week of January 2008.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Saw Something

I have always been a big fan of Depeche Mode. Yes, that band that in the early 80's released I Just Can't Get Enough - the one that where I Just can't get enough is sung a bizillion times. Their music today has gone a long way. I just love them. By default, i follow what the individual members of he band do, too. Lately, Dave Gahan, the lead singer, released a solo album titled Hourglass. One of the best pieces on the album is "Saw Something", a really brilliant piece. This piece of art, titled "I Saw Something" is dedicated to Dave Gahan, all of Depeche Mode and to the long hours they kept company during my youth and the hours I still spend listing to their music while painting.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mensija Street Commssion

As most artists, I rarely refuse a commission. But sometimes you end up doing a piece, a painting or an ink drawing that you know that it will be quite difficult to forget. Lately, someone from Canada contacted me to see if I am interested in drawing Mensija Street in St. Julians, his wife used to live there. I was interested in this commission from day one. The fact that his wife is a Maltese Canadian, who lived in Malta, particularly in St. Julians made me realise how small this world has become. I lived most of my childhood in St. Julians.When I went to Mensija Street to sketch the place and take some photos I started remembering when I was young going through that street. In one of the houses just in front of where Mcdonalds is today, we used to go to MUSEUM the Maltese Christian Doctrine School. I remember that quite often we used to go all the way up the street and then down to the valley where we used to play football. Eh, those were the times, where just an empty space was enough to be transformed into a football pitch. Today, even a football game has become too complicated. Thanks to Mark, i had a trip down memory lane.

AIS Corporate Gifts

These last few years the AIS Group of Companies have started giving as a Christmas present to their corporate clients a signed print of a painting by a local artist . Earlier this year, the Directors of the group, contacted me to see if I am interested in issuing a limited number of prints of one of my paintings. Since it was still early in the year and I was preparing for my C exhibition, we only chose the painting right before the exhibition i.e. last September. The painting, titled Dingli, has never been exhibited before and is now in a private collection. The 150 prints which are now signed, printed and numbered will be distributed to AIS' corporate clients in the coming days.

This is the fourth year that AIS have taken this initiative. It is quite encouraging to see Maltese companies promoting local talent. From here I would like to thank Odette and Mario for choosing my work for this year’s corporate gifts.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Paintings at Vee Gee Bee

These two paintings, Roots of a Village (left) and Tal-Mirakli (right) are currently being exhibited at a collective exhibition at Vee Gee Bee, Republic Street, Valletta. The other artists taking part in this exhibition are Winston Hassel, John Martin Borg, Ruth Schembri and Lawrence Buttigieg.

Anyone interested in seeing the works can visit the Vee Gee Bee Art Gallery during shop hours.For more information you can either contact Vee Gee Bee HERE or contact me HERE