Friday, April 23, 2010

Tektika Tango

On Thursday 29th April, at the Phoenicia Hotel, will see the launch of Tektika Tango, an Argentine Tango event combining dance and art.  Six artists, namely, Stephanie Borg, Gordon Pace Flores, Bernard Bonnici, Sergio Muscat, Gordon Knox and Rupert Cefai will be exhibiting their work together with a common theme, Argentine Tango. The exhibition includes a mixture of paintings, calligraphy, photography, drawings and sculptures. During the exhibition, dancers will be taking part in a milonga (Argentine tango social dancing). 

From Friday 30th April to Sunday 2nd of May, Argentine Tango enthusiast will be taking part in a workshop with Maestros Gisela Natoli and Gustavo Rosas, from Argentina

On Saturday 1st May a Grande Milonga will be held starting off with a taster class for the general public, continuing with a night of social dancing and two special exhibition dances by the maestros. The General Public is welcome to attend, participate and socialize.

Full details of the event can be found at

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Artibus 002

It is a widely accepted notion among painters that it does not matter what one paints as long as it is well painted. This is the essence of academicism. There is no such thing as good painting about nothing. - Mark Rothko