Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bla Agenda

Every Saturday evening, one of my paintings is being used as a backdrop to the Maltese TV program Bla Agenda on One TV, hosted by Norman Hamilton. Seeing my work on TV or the printed media always gives me a mixed feeling. On the one hand there is always a little bit of pride but on the other, its like exposing my most intimate feelings to the public.

this week, the following painting will be 'exposed'....

Skyline in Green and Orange


Roderick Mallia said...

Mate I have to say, your works seem to be on fire. The way you put your paint of canvas reminds me of the warm glow of a fire at night, when seen from a distance. The effect is captivating to say the least.

Bertu ta l-Angli said...

thanks, much appreciated