Friday, October 26, 2007

Doris’s crack - we have those too

I have just come to the conclusion that Malta must be the most artistic country in the whole world. Whereas other countries need to have contemporary museums to show cracks on the floor as works of art, here on this little rock, our roads are full of them and free for all to see. Ours tend to look more natural, are part of our culture and need no explanation why they are there. In other countries, such as the UK, they need places like the Tate museum and artists like Doris Salcedo, to create an installation called "Shibboleth" which is just a crack on the floor running through the entire length of the hall. Those who want to know why all this should go HERE.

Apparently, quite a few people fell in Doris’s crack (that is how it is being referred to) and now everyone is waiting for the first lawsuit. Luckily none of these people ever came to Malta or else our government will go bankrupt.


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