Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Banksy @ The Cans Festival

I have always been fascinated by street art. Not that i ever did any graffiti or that i am planning to start now, but i really admire some graffiti artists especially Banksy. These last few days Banksy organised The Cans Festival - A Street Party of Stencil Art. Unfortunately I did not manage to attend since i am only a few thousand km away from London.

I find Banksy's work simply superb. Richard Dorment, in his article about The Cans Festival has this to say.....

So I was cynical when I heard about The Cans Festival, a street party of stencil art organised by Banksy in a disused tunnel near Waterloo station. About half the works in it were by the great man himself, but he had also invited dozens of graffiti artists from around to world to exhibit alongside him. Trekking down there on Saturday morning to be met by the sight of 500 happy fans queuing at the entrance deepened my gloom.

But Banksy is not to be dismissed lightly. If nothing else, the work of the other graffiti artists made Banksy look like the Michelangelo of the medium. Even more unexpectedly, several of his three-dimensional installations could have held their own in any show in the land. Next stop the Turner Prize.

Some of Banksy's work...



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