Thursday, January 19, 2012

ART COMPETITION - First-Time Solo Exhibitors

The Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce is taking the initiative to organise an ART COMPETITION to encourage FIRST-TIME SOLO EXHIBITORS in visual arts to compete and win one of the five (5) exhibition spaces beingmade available by the Society for five (5) solo exhibitors.

The competition is for persons 16 years and over who have never had a solo exhibition before who live in Malta and Gozo. Competitiors are asked to provide good quality electronic photographs of ten of their work (300 dpi) and a CV. These works cannot be copies of other works, and can be drawings, paintings, sculpture and photography. The guiding principle in making selection, among other criteria, is how original, innovative and artistically ambitious is the work.

The ten (10) electronic photographs (300dpl) and CV must be sent to the eamil address by not later than the 9th February, 2012. A jury composed of five (5) persons will view these entries and select five (5) partecipants whom shall be asked to exhibit the ten works at the Society's premises, Palazzo de La Salle between the 19th April, 2012 and 12th May, 2012.

For the purpose of this exhibition "Solo" is being defined as not having exhibited more than nine works in any single event.

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