Tuesday, June 07, 2005

History repeating?

Lately I have noticed that there is a certain politico-religious fervour in the air. Is it just me or does anybody else feel the same thing? This made me think……..

In 1979 Mintoff achieved his political target, that of Malta being a free country. He won the next general election (though with a minority of votes) and a couple of years later resigned. Mintoff chose his successor, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici resulting in one of Malta’s worst political periods in recent history.

After achieving his political target, that of joining EU and winning the subsequent general election, Fenech Adami resigned (though still very active as President of the Republic). He chose his successor, Lawrence Gonzi. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t lead us through KMB’s path.


Back in 1987, when the Labour leadership had to convince its supporters that there was a need for a change in the constitution, resulting in a sure defeat in the next general election, Mintoff and KMB came up with the idea that neutrality will be entrenched in the constitution; we give you power you give us neutrality!

Today, once again there is talk about changes in our electoral system. The party that will benefit from such change will be Labour (and maybe (?) Alternattiva). So the nationalist party came up with the idea to entrench anti-abortion law in the constitution. Apart from the fact that the Prime Minister did not guarantee that the current issue on abortion will not be used as electoral ammunition in the next general election, there again seems to be a political blackmail in the making.


Is it just a coincidence that as soon as this country has a Gonzi in high office, fundamentalism takes the upper hand? In the 1960s when Sir Michael Gonzi was Archbishop of Malta, it was a mortal sin to vote Labour and Labour supporters were buried in the Mizbla (the rubbish dump -an area just outside the consecrated area of the Addolorata cemetery), all this under the silent blessing of the Nationalist party in Government.

Just a year after joining EU, in the year 2005 (yes, the 21st century not the middle ages), whoever is opposing the entrenchment of the anti-abortion clause in the constitution, is being dubbed a Liberal Elite. Though being liberal I understand, elite no. I have my doubts if the elite of this country are liberal in thought.

Tonio Borg knows who the elite of this country are…


Antoine Cassar said...

Kemm qed niehu gost naqra l-blogg tieghek, Bertu. :-)

Here are a few lines from the poem I tried to write the other day:

"Take these words and eat them, or stick them where they fit,

l-elit ta' dawn il-gzejjer partita dubbien fitt,

and all their laws and logic are just a pile of **it".

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