Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Red Mosta

This weekend i finished this painting, a view of Mosta from Naxxar. Monday i spent the whole day trying to figure out what to name it. Luckily, i decided to hear what the prime minister had to say on Sunday during the press conference regarding the local elections. He did not say much really, apart from the fact that he was more interested in the debate about SmartCity than losing the mosta council, and i found myself thinking, 'Mosta turned red and the prime minister is not concerned.' And there it was - Red Mosta.
I rarely feel obliged to any politician, but this time i owe one to Gonzi.


Jacques Zammit said...

Red Mosta... love the pic. Would have to have the blue version too sometime in the future... to be able to put off the wall and replace as appropriate...

Bertu ta l-Angli said...

a painting for all occasions :)