Monday, February 06, 2012

Your Opinion Needed

A few weeks ago, I posted an image on my blog and on facebook, expecting some sort of reaction that never really materialised, or it did only in part. I am working on a body of work that will ultimately be exhibited in London. Please read below and would greatly appreciate your opinion.

Standing out of the crowd - 2011 - Mixed Media

Please have a good look at the painting above. What is your reaction to it? Does it remind you of anything? If it does, how do you feel about it?


Have a look at the painting above. This painting is based on a contemporary version of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' fable. 'the wolves are no longer found in the forest, they are in the city'


Have a look at the painting above. This painting is based on the true story of the daughter of a certain Dr. Foldi, who was separated from her father and sent together with her mother to die during Nazi Germany. 

Dr. Földi was sent to the right with his 11 year old son. His wife and little daughter were taken to the left. The little girl was wearing a red coat. At the last minute, a guard sent Földi's son with the crowd to the left. Dr. Földi panicked thinking, how could this young boy find his mother and sister among the thousands there at the station. But then he knew ... he could find his sister because she was wearing the red coat. It would be "like a beacon" for the boy. Then he states, "I never saw them again."


Have a look at the painting above. This painting is abased on the book by Roma Ligocka's 'The Girl in the Red Coat'. It was inspired by Steven Spielberg's movie.  'After watching the movie she (the author) recognized herself as a Jewish child that wore a red coat.' The painting is based on a book that is based on a film that is based on another story, thus creating a loop.


Have a look at the painting above. This painting is based on one of my all time favourite films, Schindler's List. A film I have watched a dozen times, a film that has influenced my beliefs and convictions. It is a film that although based on a number of true stories, makes a subtle reference to a famous fable, Little Red Riding Hood, where the big bad wolf is the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, for the little girl, there is no happy ending. 


Has anything changed from your original reaction? If yes, what?

The Story behind the painting. 

Last year I was asked to do a painting something based on one sentence - Standing Out of the Crowd.  After months thinking of what to do but getting nowhere, I was having a coffee in Cafe Cordina, and there she was, this little girl, walking on her own, dressed in red, looking scared and lost. All around her seemed dull, yet she was like a beacon. A few seconds later, her mother came from behind her took hold of her hand and they both vanished into a shop. 

This painting was my first approach to exploring the following - Everyday occurrences that have a reflection in true stories that inspire stories that base themselves on fables. :)

After reading all this what are your thoughts?

Please send me your thoughts either using making the subject of the email 'FEEDBACK' or comment below


Toni Sant said...

Excellent! Wonderful use of aesthetic juxtaposition. Are you familiar with the writings of Pudovkin on the Kuleshov effect? Seems pertinent even through your montage involves text (about images) and images rather than two images.

Rupert Cefai said...

thanks Ton, re Pudovkin's writings I am not familiar but I will do some research :) thanks a lot

Sergio Muscat said...

Schindler's list came to mind immediately. It is very interesting to see how various interpretations can lead to the same image and how a single event can trigger all these stories to unfold and then focus back onto a single image.

Carmen Sammut said...

At first glance your work is reminiscent of the famous scene in Schindler's List. I recently viewed that film again follwoing a visit to Schindler's factory in Krakow and later the Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. After this overwhelming experience I spent three months in Nablus, Palestine, where many little boys and girls (probably not dressed in red) suffered a tragic end at the hands of Zionism. In both cases, children had no time for their Red Riding Hood! The great paradox of history is that victims fast turned into perpetrators. Great work and good luck for your London exhibition. Let us know when it is on.

Neville Borg said...

The first thing that came to mind was Don't Look Now, the Nicolas Roeg movie based on the Daphne Du Maurier story. I don't know if that was an influence at all, but it has the same motif of the girl in the red coat as a 'ghostly' apparition that is somehow disconnected from her surroundings.

jean paul said...

My first thoughts were here's this young girl who's roaming all on her own in the city. Probably an orphan, and it reminded me a bit of Dicken's London. I was thinking her coat is red, but probably it's very old, she got it from somebody else and is probably dirty. She's walking the other way of the crowd, as unlike most of them she's got no-one.

Josanne Cassar said...

My immediate thought was the girl in the red coat from Schindler's list...and in fact when I continued reading your post I realised that there is a was interesting how each story was somehow linked to the other until you almost came full circle..

Joanna pullicino said...

Excellent,at first i thought today's fast life example,second Schindler's list . The message of the painting screams loneliness and abandonment .

Audrey Galea said...

Really great...well done! There's a 'little Red Riding Hood' inside each one of us...

Rupert Cefai said...

Thanks to all, your comments are much appreciated

jean paul said...

Storja bil-Malti mnebbħa minn din il-pittura:

Katya R said...

As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of the scene in the movie Schindler's List. That scene with the girl in red and the rest in black and white had really moved me.

dorothy scicluna said...

It seems to have evoked in most of us a sense of fear loneliness and abandonememt..a sense of being unprotected small and alone...this painting possibly touches upon one of our basic emotions...fear...yet the girl is resilient and moves on...the fear i sense when i look at the painting vanishes if i remind myself that she will be fine...the painting keeps me on need to tell ud where she will go next!