Thursday, June 14, 2007

er Duce

Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to Josie Muscat on Smash TV. He seemed to be quite offended that they labelled his new political party, Azzjoni Nazzjonali (AN), as extreme right. He said that when one mentions the extreme right one thinks of the fascist regimes before the 2nd world war and what they did, and AN is not like that. Their website goes further still; they claim that the political organization is not derived from any particular ideological doctrine.

Lets assume that the name AN is only by coincidence so close to ANR (alleanza nazzjonali repubblikana, the Maltese extreme right movement) and Fini’s Italian AN, the inheritors of Mussolini’s fascist party. Let’s assume that Mr. Philip Beattie ex ANR is not an extreme right political activist and that Mr. Josie Muscat never parted from the PN due to his extreme views, then we can assume that the newly founded AN is not an extreme-right political movement and that Josie Muscat is not just a Duce wannabe.

But for sure their political agenda is conservative and to the right of the political spectrum, especially to Maltese standards. Let’s just hope that we see no extreme elements.

Let’s just wait and see.

some more photos from Rome

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