Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caput Mundi

What an eventful week! I have just arrived from a week at the citta eterna, Rome. Though this is my third time to the city, it was my first occasion that I really had the time to have a good look around and I did. My feet are still hurting from all the walking that we did. I cannot count the number of churches I went into, the remains I saw, the palaces, piazzas and monuments. Each corner you turn, a new surprise. Rome is just wonderful.

Apparently, even here a lot of things happened. More people lost at sea, the formation of a new (extreme) right political party, the arrest of a policeman for hitting an old lady, etc. etc. Unfortunately, I became aware of these things not because I was following the local news but because Italians have told me about them. We are beginning to be famous for the wrong reasons.

Here are some photos I had while I was there


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