Tuesday, July 03, 2007

just a thought

Internet is a strange world. Those who believe that the internet is a virtual reality are greatly mistaken. It is an alternate reality, but as real as it could be. Lately I realised that there are a number of people, which follow my work, and I follow theirs, which strangely enough I have never met but consider them as friends. A circle of contacts, whose interests are varied, live hundreds of kilometres away, but still keep in touch with them regularly. When I think about it, I find it quite weird.

This weekend I wanted to comment on a number of things but did not find the time. The new(?) hospital that took 17 years to build, the death of 5 persons at the fireworks factory explosion, terrorism attacks in London….quite a busy few days.

The problem is that in 3 months time I will have an exhibition in Gozo followed by another exhibition 6 months later in Rome and so all the spare time (and not) I have, I am dedicating to painting.

Here’s my latest

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