Monday, January 28, 2008

Studio plato exhibition @ Artitude Gallery

Hidden in the streets of Sliema is Studio Plato. Studio Plato consists of Robert Howley and the studio assistant Deborah Attard. For the exhibition at Artitude Gallery, Studio Plato invites a cameo appearance of Lucia Suquia Quintana from Madrid.

Most important of all is the work. Studio Plato is divided between two ideologies. One, the classical roots in Art and two, post Modern deconstruction. The studio has a vast library on art with the inclusion of rare books; and a collection of art from Marcel Duchamp, Pierre and Giles, and rare film posters.

What is the viewer expecting to see at Artitude Gallery? Studio Plato will be playing to the gallery, for the month of February. This period includes Valentines Day; a time to remember love and one’s loved ones after the Christmas festivities. So the studio has drawn a series of hearts. Some of the drawings are on Indian Cotton paper with paint , while one will view a triptych of pencil drawings on Ira Losco’s heart, the local band the Characters and without fail, a tribute to the King Elvis.

Deborah Attard has added gloss to the show, with a collection of photo montages. Colour being the message and post modern deconstruction the practice. These images are idealValentines Gifts .While being photographic reproductions, they are a limited edition of twelve from a series of nine. Painting of the flaming heart, butterflies and even an anatomical heart with reference to man ie. Man United will be on show.

So the conclusion is Artitude Gallery has gathered an eclectic show from the workers of Studio Plato for the month of love; not from Plato’s cave where we cast a shadow of our fine image.

The exhibition is being held at Artitude Gallery, Tigne Str, Sliema, between 1st and 29th February. Opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-1pm, and 4pm-7pm . For more info, please call 21316708 or email

text provided by Artitude Gallery

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