Thursday, January 10, 2008

Torri Ta Lappija

Its been over a week since my last blog. This is what happens when I try and take a couple of days off. As soon as I am back to work, it takes me a few days to catch up with life. Its been quite a good holiday season, but these last couple of days just after the holidays.....well lets stop complaining. One of my new year's resolutions was to try and be quite regular with my blog, so let's start.

Last Saturday i joined a group of artists for a plein air session in Gnejna. Unfortunately it was cold so no nudists :( but the scenery was magnificent. The group, led by artist Andrew Borg, meet every Saturday and go to different places around the island. This is another resolution of mine to try and spend Saturday mornings painting outside. The group is quite a diverse lot, both in style, techniques and age. From the impression I got, the only thing that binds this group together is the love of painting. I really enjoyed it, it reminded me when i was still a student, eh those where the times...or were they? Though I will be 37 years soon, too close to 40 for comfort, artistically I feel much better today than when I was say 20. Partly its the experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the years and partly is the fact that i know that i am still young...artistically ie.

Back to last Saturday, Gnejna Bay is a beautiful place, i found a place just underneath the Torri ta' Lappija. And below is the result in Indian Ink, charcoal and white acrylic paint.


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your loving wife said...

Do I want to know why you were looking for nudists?