Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bertu - My Alter Ego

Let me introduce you to Bertu! Bertu is my alter ego. Bertu is also a political cartonist. He shares a body with me and is what you might call a political animal. He lives, strives and feeds on politicians' and public figures' misfortunes. Although Bertu and I have the same political inclinations and even opinions, Bertu has the nerve and guts that most of the time I lack. Lately, we found ourselves at loggerheads with each other. During the last general election, Bertu somewhat took over and started publishing some cartoons (he actually calls them Bertoons). So far so good. The problem is that he now wants to take over this blog too; and that is out of the question. So we have come to an agreement, Bertu should also have his own blog. His Bertoons will from now on be found at

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