Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post Election

This last month i have not blogged at all. I was busy over at Jacques' discussing the election and its outcome. I cannot say that i am happy with the result but that's life. Now that a little bit of normality is taking over and election fever is beginning to subside the intention is to write here more. A number of things happened this last month that i wanted to blog about but did not, one of them was the art exhibition by AD's Core Green. I had a couple of paintings there, here I am reproducing one of them, Kaxxi Kaxxi, Kullimkien Kaxxi. Quite happy of this piece.

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Antoine Cassar said...

Fakkartni f'vers ta' Marjanu Vella - "Kaxxa ─ždejn kaxxa saret kaxxa kbira".