Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its Obscene!

A young editor will be facing charges and might end up in jail for publishing a story. Apparently, the story offends public morals....or so the moral police have decided. No, this is not Iran or some other god forsaken country, its Malta. 21 year old Mark Camilleri, editor of ir-Realta, has published a graphic piece of fiction depicting sexual violence.
The piece of literature, titled Li Tkisser Sewwi was by novelist Alex Vella Gera. Now, I read the piece and was not offended and whenever I read something I don't like, I stop reading. No need to throw anyone in jail. So I cannot understand who the moral police are protecting.

Mona Farrugia, yes the food critic, has posted a very good post on the subject here. She has also started a petition to change the legislation. So if you think that freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression are something worth defending please sign the petition.

This picture on the left, is Adam's penis, or at least its Michelangelo's interpretation of Adam's penis and can be found at the Cappella Sistina.  I hope it offends someone. Had I been Adam, I would have been offended. I would have preferred to be immortalised in a more sexually endowed manner.

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