Monday, December 06, 2010


These last few months I was quite busy with the refurbishment of a new osteria in Rabat called L'Agape. It was quite a while since I got involved in a design and refurbishment project. The last few years, I have dedicated myself to my art and my design activities were at a minimum. At first I was not sure if I would undertake the project but in reality I had no choice. 

Before refurbishment
The owners, Pierre (a good old friend) and Chris (more of a brother than anything else), had decided that I had to do the job and a 'no' from my side was not even considered. It was not an easy job but after 3 months of site work I must say that I am quite happy with the result. The feedback I got from the owners and from people visiting the place was also good. Looking back from where we started, makes me even more satisfied with what we achieved.

The brief of the project was quite simple; to have a relaxed atmosphere, that is welcoming, elegant but at the same time not extravagant. A place where customers enjoy a limited menu of fresh local produce where items change frequently and according to season. The location of the place, Rabat, was also an inspiration to the name, L'Agape where a number of Agape tables are found in the catacombs close by. 

The place will also be used as an art gallery which will be managed by Gallery Pi will be taking care of changing the collection of artworks adorning the walls. In the current collection one can find works by Sergio Muscat, Carlo Muscat, Gordon Pace Flores and myself. 

Anyone wishing to to book please call Chris on 79455438 or Pierre on 99869444. For more information about the place please visit their Facebook page

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