Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live Painting Session at Gallery Pi.

On Saturday 18th December 2010, I will be holding a live painting session at Gallery Pi in Archbishop Street, Valletta. The idea behind the event is pretty simple; anyone interested in meeting me while working, ask questions, have a cup of coffee (or wine) or just hang around at the gallery is welcome to do so.  If there is a good response, we will be holding similar activities with different artists regularly, starting from January 2011.

The plan for this Saturday is this; while cleaning the small basement at the gallery during the refurbishment, I found 3 wood panels that one day used to be part of some doors, probably trap doors. They are in quite a battered shape. What i will try to do is to transform simple pieces of wood into works of art. Nothing new, but its always fun transforming everyday things into art (whatever art may mean). Media I intend to use are the wood panels, paint, old tubes of paint, and gold leaf.....and whatever tickles my fancy while working. 

Hope to see you there. 

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