Monday, September 26, 2011


David Paquette and Rupert Cefai - photo Jennifer Scicluna
So Spirtupront is over, 3 enjoyable and unforgettable nights with friend and musician David Paquette.  It was one intensive learning experience.

I have known David for the last couple of years and we had been discussing this event for quite a number of months now. It was his idea really and I immediately latched on to it. While I'm painting I always have music on, but having a brilliant musician playing live in front of you is a completely different experience. Having people walking around you while working adds on to the magic of it all. 

During the first session, on Thursday, it was very easy to follow the music, play with moods and be inspired by what is happening. But as time went by, from mid 2nd day onwards, the paintings started to get a life of their own and then they took over. The music became a reminder of the things I already started. Thinking about it I realised that this always happens with my paintings. At a certain stage in their development they get a life of their own and I can only follow their own path. Its like with children, you can encourage them to take a certain direction, but ultimately they will decide what to become. 
David Paquette and Rupert Cefai - photo of Jennifer Scicluna

I have started 4 paintings during these days, 3 of which are quite at an advanced stage. I shall be finishing them off in these couple of days and take them back to the Phoenicia and exhibit them there. 

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