Thursday, May 05, 2005

...and let there be light

having followed the blogs of Toni Sant, Robert Micallef, Guze Stagno and Immanuel Mifsud for the past few weeks i have decided to give it a go and have my own piece of mind shared with the rest of the world. As soon as i sat down to start writing (or is it typing?) I realised that this stuff is not easy. Its like staring at a blank canvas with a paintbrush in one hand and palette full of colours on the other. The limitless choice for subjects is overwhelming.

there is another dilemma, should i write in Maltese or English? though for the moment I have opted for english i reserve the right (as a maltese with a familja slimiza) to be bilingual......u mela z...... sur kappillan.

back to the canvas issue, lately I have read the book by Anna Held Audette "The Blank Canvas - Inviting the Muse" - one of those Lm1 books from Liz tal-Mosta. Probably the best ktieb tal-lira I have ever read. Any artists suffering from dry spells should try and get hold of a copy. The book opens with a quote from Ernst Gombrich...

Seeing depends on knowledge
and knowledge, of course, depends on your college
but when you are erudite and wise
what matters is, to use your eyes.

though I do not know what erudite means (sa araldajt nasal) I will try to use my eyes for subjects to write about on this blog.

and another thing.... I doubt if I'll ever be able to write every day but i'll try to post regularly


Roderick Mallia said...

Peress li għadek indeċiż x'lingwa tuża ser nagħtik il-merħba b'mod bilingwi ukoll.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Merħba fil-blogosfera!



Gordon said...

I guess your opening line is from Spike Milligan's version of the Bible:

"'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected."

My best book bargain was even better - buying Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Life, The Universe and Everything (plus god knows what two other books), back when Meli used to have those four-for-a-pound boxes (a long time ago ... even before So Long & Thanks for All the Fish was published!) I wonder who can beat that?!

Imsomma, xejn ma nghidlek, sahha, u prosit tal-program.