Friday, May 06, 2005

Triple bill

This morning I just could not believe my eyes, I was there on page 6 of Showtime (Times of Malta art Supplement). With that bald round head with a glass of wine in hand…..oh the artist is cool. Apart from the fact that I never studied under Willy Apap as claimed on the article (though I feel I am greatly influenced by his work) and nowhere did they mention the name of the exhibition and the dates from when till when, it was quite impressive to see a full page dedicated to the three of us (Gordon, Bernard and il sotto scritto). I was greatly impressed how awkward it feels to look at your own picture printed there on Malta’s daily newspaper in English.

My dog, Knots, was quite offended by the fact that he was cropped off the picture, and the rest, ie my head, was enlarged to fit the space. In comparison to the other two my head is twice as big – maybe I have become the Buras Guze mentioned this week.

Analysing the pictures, we look like three Mafiosi. In a deep and intellectual conversation with Gordon this afternoon we came to the conclusion that …..Gordon qisu qattiel u Bernard qisu tork tat-tarag. I look like one of those characters from a cheap mafia movie, or some sort of miami vice charachter but without hair.

For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed the Times this morning here is a link to the online version (and you can see Knots too, but without pictures of the paintings)

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