Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dealing with loss

Today was my second appearance on a local newspaper. This time it was on Gallarija, the Malta Independent on Sunday’s Supplement. Again there was a mistake. What’s been described as a Rupert Cefai’s painting is Bernard’s photograph called “it-Tuttu”. At least Knots is there, he is the only one that looks decent. My mother in law was so proud this morning – “ir-ragel tat-tifla gabuh fuq il-gazzetta xi hlew”. I am not sure if she was more thrilled to see me or the dog, but anyway, il-kunjata was happy.

Yesterday we organised and mounted our art works at the Café Diva. Started at 11:00am and finished at 6:00pm. It took six people, seven man-hours each to transport, organise and hang 40+ pieces of art. Nuts. So now everything is set for Thursday, or nearly so. Only one thing left – Guze Stagno knows what.

This thing of leaving my paintings there alone at night really worries me. What if they could not sleep? What if they feel cold? What if they start crying? Who will be there to give them comfort? Paintings are not like books that you can always keep a copy. Or like a photograph that you can reprint. I am not judging the artistic value of different media its just that once you sell a painting its gone. You have sold your creation, your child, and its no longer there. Any ideas how to cope with such loss?

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