Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Finally I managed to force myself to start work on my next exhibition. Well not exactly, I was commissioned to make a painting for del Borgo, and managed to finish it before the official opening, which is tomorrow. Forcing myself to paint puts me in the right frame of mind to continue work. Today I have planned my first couple of paintings for the exhibition and made a series of studies for the first. I am not one of those artists (if I might call myself so) that all he has to do is sit down and wait for inspiration to knock on his door. I have to work hard and prepare my work diligently. Only a small percentage of my work is the result of inspiration, most of it is the result of perspiration. How true Alfred Chircop was!

On a different note I noticed that other bloggers too are using their blog to present their artistic work. I very much appreciated Antoine Cassar’s multi lingual poem found here and Archibald’ song found here. Good work guys.