Monday, December 17, 2007

AIS Corporate Gifts

These last few years the AIS Group of Companies have started giving as a Christmas present to their corporate clients a signed print of a painting by a local artist . Earlier this year, the Directors of the group, contacted me to see if I am interested in issuing a limited number of prints of one of my paintings. Since it was still early in the year and I was preparing for my C exhibition, we only chose the painting right before the exhibition i.e. last September. The painting, titled Dingli, has never been exhibited before and is now in a private collection. The 150 prints which are now signed, printed and numbered will be distributed to AIS' corporate clients in the coming days.

This is the fourth year that AIS have taken this initiative. It is quite encouraging to see Maltese companies promoting local talent. From here I would like to thank Odette and Mario for choosing my work for this year’s corporate gifts.

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