Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Saw Something

I have always been a big fan of Depeche Mode. Yes, that band that in the early 80's released I Just Can't Get Enough - the one that where I Just can't get enough is sung a bizillion times. Their music today has gone a long way. I just love them. By default, i follow what the individual members of he band do, too. Lately, Dave Gahan, the lead singer, released a solo album titled Hourglass. One of the best pieces on the album is "Saw Something", a really brilliant piece. This piece of art, titled "I Saw Something" is dedicated to Dave Gahan, all of Depeche Mode and to the long hours they kept company during my youth and the hours I still spend listing to their music while painting.

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Sandrolino ta' sidru mghottijin said...

Genevieve u Rupert,

awguri ghall-sena gdida mimlija pittura u arti dak li hemm fil-ferh ta' ghajnejkom meta tharsu lejn xulxin.

Awguri mill-qalb.