Monday, December 17, 2007

Mensija Street Commssion

As most artists, I rarely refuse a commission. But sometimes you end up doing a piece, a painting or an ink drawing that you know that it will be quite difficult to forget. Lately, someone from Canada contacted me to see if I am interested in drawing Mensija Street in St. Julians, his wife used to live there. I was interested in this commission from day one. The fact that his wife is a Maltese Canadian, who lived in Malta, particularly in St. Julians made me realise how small this world has become. I lived most of my childhood in St. Julians.When I went to Mensija Street to sketch the place and take some photos I started remembering when I was young going through that street. In one of the houses just in front of where Mcdonalds is today, we used to go to MUSEUM the Maltese Christian Doctrine School. I remember that quite often we used to go all the way up the street and then down to the valley where we used to play football. Eh, those were the times, where just an empty space was enough to be transformed into a football pitch. Today, even a football game has become too complicated. Thanks to Mark, i had a trip down memory lane.

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