Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The beauty of black

As i have always stated, my preferred medium is paint. Acrylics and oils, my heartthrobs, my lovers. Love every moment i spend with them and tresure the relationship i have with every tube and every drop of colour. Love their smell, love their feel and love their beauty. They posses me and they consume me.

Then there is ink. Indian Ink to be precise. Don't know what it is about ink that captivates me so much but it does. Not sure if its the lack of colour or the unforgiving nature of the medium but I love it. In all its shades. Whenever i have time and weather permitting, I love going outside, en plein air as the say, and work with ink. Just me, paper, ink, pen, water and some brushes. Just love it.

Here are a couple of pieces of works in ink i did recently. The originals are for sale at gallery pi.

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