Monday, January 24, 2011


Handaq - 200x90cm on 3 panels
Acrylic and Oil Bars on Canvas
When someone commissions me to do a painting and his only requirement is that he would like an abstract, I usually find myself at a loss from where to start. I try to get to know something about the person and desperately try to find a point of departure. When I find it, all else falls into place.
Lately an old classmate asked me for a painting. This time it was quite easy to be inspired. My starting point was the school we attended together, Liceo Vassalli and the valley that lies next to it, Wied il-Kbir. I loved visiting the place again. It had been quite a while but it was worth it. Unfortunately, most of the old army huts are no longer there but still i could recognise certain areas. A trip down memory lane.

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