Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Upcoming Projects and Exhibitions

Church Behind Walls
Exhibited at Gallery Pi
During the next few months I shall be quite busy working on a number of paintings I shall be exhibiting at the Ethnography Museum (Inquisitor's Palace) in Vittoriosa. The exhibition is planned for May this Year. Again I am revisiting the human figure. I shall be blogging on this exhibition, its theme and the progress of the pieces I'm working on quite often. In fact, through this blog I want to keep a sort of diary for the works involved, at least if not for all, for some of the works.

At the moment I am also working on a number art object derived from driftwood. These are quite experimental and, as objects, are very difficult to define. Still, quite enjoying the work. Will probably be exhibiting some of the pieces at Gallery Pi in February.   

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