Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Art Thieves and Art Scams

Came across this piece of news from Artreview.com, FBI hunt fake Guggenheim Countess. From a distance I love these stories. They seem to be coming out of some black and white movie. Yes, from a distance. Being scammed is not exactly something I like to be. In the art world these are very common. Regularly, I receive some sort of "not to be missed opportunity" where i have to send my work to some unknown gallery which most of the time does not even exist. 

Most of these scams are easy to detect but then there are the occasional few that are well planned and if you're not careful, you end up being a victim yourself. For those artists who would like to read more, the (hopefully) dormant Art News Blog discussed the subject frequently and Artscam.com has has a check list of things to do to keep safe online and some more resources http://www.artscams.com/resources.html

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