Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ġmiel il-Ħrafa

Detail of one of the still unfinished works. 
So finally the dates of the official opening of Ġmiel il-Ħrafa can be announced. The officcial opening of the exhibition will be on Friday 6th May 2011 at the Inquisitor's Palace In Birgu. The exhibition will stay open throughout the month of May.  

So what's Ġmiel il-Ħrafa?

Ġmiel il-Ħrafa is a collection of paintings inspired and based on Maltese fables and folktales. These are not book illustrations but paintings. I have been working on this project for over a year now. I am basing my work on the vast collection of fables by Manwel Magri, Hrejjef Missirijietna, on work by Trevor Zahra and also on work by Ruben Zahra, especially on his latest collection of Maltese Folktales, co-published between Soundscapes and Merlin Library, titled Ħrejjef Maltin - Maltese Folktales. 

Every week from now until the opening date, I will go through the process of some of the paintings, showing sketches, studies and videos of work in progress. I will use this blog as a concise diary of the main issues that I dealt with during the creation of this collection. I will try and go through what lies beneath the creation of a painting. 


dorothy scicluna said...

excellent! the paintings can become excellent projective techniques! interesting..

Anonymous said...

very interesting concept. are they small or large paintings?

Rupert Cefai said...

Anonymous, sorry for the late reply, bu the are quite large paintings in fact.