Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some have the balls

Don't know you but I find the prices in some auctions ridiculous. Someone definitely thinks that a Picasso's painting of his mistress is worth £25,241,250, I find it ridiculous. Don't think that the arts benefit from such auctions, especially in times of recession.

People are being laid off and cuts in public funding to art institutions are the order of the day.Yet, some still have that kind of money to spend. Bonkers. Some artists in England think so too. Arts Against Cuts have staged an arts protest at Sotheby's, last Tuesday night. Protesting against the UK government’s plans for massive cuts to public services and the arts in the UK, they set off alarms and threw fake £50 notes in the air and called the auction 'an orgy of the rich'

Belgian collector Mark Vanmoerkerke, who was at the auction house said
It’s fun to see people stand up for what they believe in. An orgy of the rich? They’re not exactly wrong.

Then Again, if someone offers a couple millions for a painting of mine....ah well, I think I would sell. These are videos of the protests.

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