Saturday, October 01, 2011

Notte Bianca

So Notte Bianca is here again. Tonight, Valletta will be host to a spectacular nocturnal celebration of people, culture and arts. I will be in Valletta tonight too, most of the time at Gallery Pi, if you want a glass of wine please pop over and come and say hello. Will go for a visit to Vee Gee Bee too, there is a large canvas on which people are invited to paint on. I already started off the painting and am very keen to see where it will end. 
Another activity I wish to visit is the Milonga organised by the Argentine Tango local community. It will be held at stage 33 near Strait Street from 7pm onwards. DJ for the night is David Bonnici. Also, today kicks off Malta Design Week with a number of  installations/exhibitions all over Valletta. For more info about Malta Design Week visit HERE. There are numerous other things i would like to see but the list is too long to mention, for more info about Notte Bianca please visit

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