Monday, October 24, 2011

One – An Exhibition of Sculpture

The 28th of October will see the opening of an exhibition of sculpture by Jeremy Ellul. This event will be held at the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Palazzo De La Salle, in Republic Street, Valletta, and will consist of about 25 pieces in ceramic, wood and steel. For this exhibition, besides presenting some newer themes, the artist will also be revisiting some older ones tackling them in new media. The exhibition will run until the 19th November.

“Jeremy Ellul is the self-taught, unfettered artist, without any preconceived ideas, free and unpredictable, an ‘enfant terrible’. He has already surprised us; one can imagine what he will do in future. With just nine years of work behind him he has already distinguished himself with his freedom of thought and expression. He is a bold Expressionist, is hardly interested in tradition or convention and while he is primarily interested in aesthetics he experiments with technique but hardly conforms to ‘truth to material’.” E.V.Borg. 2011

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