Wednesday, November 16, 2011

638 Kilo Tanz ist Kunst

Maura Moralesin Ella - photo Gorka Bravo

It's been over a week since I attended 638 Kilo Tanz in Essen. It was just one incredible experience, 5 days of pure artistic bliss. I have always found dance as a good source of inspiration  in my work and my involvement in Argentine Tango made things worse (or better). This is nothing new. Human movement has always been a constant source of artistic inspiration and dance in particular has always attracted visual artists. Take Degas for example, I love his ballerinas, and what about Toulouse Lautrec's cancan dancers? Just brilliant! A source of inspiration that is still alive and can easily be found in works of contemporary artist like Rosemary Butcher

Boglarka Börcsök in Discounts - photo Gorka Bravo

So, being in Essen, in close proximity to a number of highly creative people whose main artistic language is human movement was just overwhelming. And it was not only about movement but also about personalities. During rehearsals, during breakfast or breaks you can easily see the other side of these artists and I could not but realise how similar our work is, we just chose a different language. There was a general feeling that the festival was proposed by artists and belonged to the artists, and its true. The way the organisers take care of their public, the way they nurture the relationship between themselves, the public and the performing artists was just inspiring. This is the 5th year that this festival is being held and the organisers have managed to build a magnificent following. All nights were sold out.

Jule Flierl in Happiness is a War M Gun
photo Gorka Bravo

To add to all that, I formed part of a fantastic jury, with jury members having different backgrounds but all with some involvement in dance. Festival organisers, critics, theatre owners all contributed to interesting, deep and mind opening discussions, sometimes very hot, which made the whole experience more electrifying. 

In the end, the 638 Kilo Tanz Public Award 2011 went to Maura Morales' ELLA and the 638 Kilo Tanz Jury Award went to Boglarka Börcsök and her production DISCOUNTS. Jule Flierl deserved a special mention by the Jury and was awarded a two-week residency at the Dresden Theatre Project.

I Cannot but thank Jelena and Sabina for their hospitality and for involving me in their creation and to all the people I met and made friends with during my stay in Essen. Thank You All!

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Narcy Calamatta said...

Well done Rupert. May you find more success in flying the Maltese flag abroad. You are doing well in sharing your experience with your fellow artists. that is how we can beat our insularity. I hope we can work togther on some project next year. Keep up the good work. - Narcy

Rupert Cefai said...

thanks you Narcy, comments much appreciated