Friday, November 11, 2011

Back.....and forth

Finally back! Well, I've been here a couple of days now but I always need some time to settle back in my routine. The last couple of weeks were just incredible. I have been to London and then to Essen in Germany, then to London again and back to Malta. 
I always enjoy London and this time in particular. I was there to finalise details regarding my forthcoming solo exhibition which I will be holding in London next year. More details on this exhibition will be posted here in the future. 
In Essen, I attended the 638 Kilo Tanz Festival and was part of the jury. It was an inspiring and unforgettable experience where I have met some incredible people and seen some mind blowing stuff. In the coming days I will try to write more about this, about the whole event and the performers I met. Anyway, now its time to continue catching up with life.   

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